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writing, narrative, content strategy, social media, art, consulting

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I make the jokes that are inside your phone, and sometimes I say things that aren't jokes, but usually still inside your phone.

Ultimately, I am a person who writes things and makes art. I like helping people make and market a pretty wide range of work, as long as it's something that I believe in. I like helping people hone their voice and find focus creatively.


In my own work, I'm interested in the various intersections of horror, comedy, bodies, gender, desire, competition, violence, cosmology, and belief.


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Check out my Muckrack for recent published work.


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Trans-Media Narrative & Marketing Lead The Game Band 2022-2023

Social Editor+

Wrestling Editor 2019-2020

Co-Producer Wrestlesplania 2018-2019

Writer Freelance 2012-2019

Script Writer Unburnt Witch 2017-2018


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