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If You're Driving, Close Your Eyes (Podcast)
Host— 2022-Present

If You're Driving, Close Your Eyes is a comedy podcast about navigating our terrifying, chaotic world, with our eyes closed, five or six simultaneous topics at a time.

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Trans-Media Narrative & Marketing Lead— 2022-2023

Blaseball was a critically-lauded, Nebula and Hugo-nominated sports simulation horror game with a passionate, dedicated fanbase.


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Editor, Founder, Branding Lead— 2019-2020

Fanfyte was's wrestling section. Launched in October 2019, it ran for nearly three years, during which time it was a beloved, trusted source of unique wrestling writing.

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Friends Reunion (Podcast)
Host— 2020-2022

"A podcast for discerning listeners," Friends Reunion was's comedy podcast: "Every Friday, join the Fanbyte Thinktank to cackle over internet obscurities, semantic debates, and really anything else that comes to mind. Hosted by LB Hunktears, Niki Grayson, and John Warren, this one’s for the discerning listeners. Don’t say we didn’t warn you."

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Friends Reunion cover art by Sanam Shirvani
Wrestlesplania (Podcast)
Co-Producer— 2018-2019

Wrestlesplania was "a podcast where Kath Barbadoro introduces Rachel Millman to the weird, wonderful world of professional wrestling...we cover anything and everything that interests us, from WWE to local indie shows. Our goal is to create a podcast that approaches wrestling from a different perspective than the typical recap-and-match-rating style, in what we seek to be an accessible, humorous, and inclusive way."

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